If you’re itching to spruce up your garden and create a cozy spot outdoors, consider diving into the world of pergolas and trellises. I recently installed one next to my strawberry tree and its magical. These structures aren’t just eye candy; they offer a great way to turn your garden into a beautiful retreat. Let’s explore the hippest trends in pergolas and garden trellises that Irish homeowners are loving right now.

1. Wooden Classics: Timeless and Classy

Go back to basics with classic wooden pergolas. Made from sturdy materials like cedar or pressure-treated pine, these bad boys scream timeless elegance. Their natural vibes mesh well with the greenery in Irish gardens. Whether you want a regular design or something a bit fancier with lattice panels, wooden pergolas create a warm and inviting space – perfect for hanging out or reading a book.

2. Metal Marvels: Modern and Sleek

If you’re all about that modern life, check out metal pergolas. Crafted from aluminum or steel, these structures bring a slick, minimalist look to your garden. Think clean lines and customization options galore. Pick a finish that suits your garden’s colors, like matte black or powder-coated white. Metal pergolas aren’t just easy on the eyes – they’re tough and low-maintenance, too, perfect for the Irish weather.

3. Rolling Roofs: Enjoy Your Garden, Rain or Shine

Get the best of both worlds with retractable pergolas. These guys are like the Swiss Army knives of outdoor structures. Thanks to adjustable louvers or fabric canopies, you can control how much sun and shade you want. No matter if it’s scorching or drizzling, retractable pergolas keep your garden looking like a chill spot all year round.

4. Curved Trellises: Romantic and Dreamy

Give your garden a touch of romance with arched trellises. These structures create magical paths and charming entrances. Pick designs with fancy lattice patterns to encourage vines and climbing plants, making your garden feel cozy and private. Arched trellises are great for framing entrances or boosting the allure of key spots in your outdoor space.

5. Custom Woodwork: Nature Meets Craftsmanship

Embrace the artistry of bespoke wooden trellises. Made to order, these handcrafted structures can be as unique as you want. Think intricate patterns, Celtic vibes, or even personalized engravings. These trellises aren’t just functional; they’re like outdoor art pieces that’ll take your garden game to a whole new level.


Irish homeowners are on a mission to make their outdoor spaces pop, and pergolas and trellises are stealing the spotlight. Whether you’re into the classic feel of wood, the sleek look of metal, or the flexibility of retractable options, there’s a pergola or trellis style ready to transform your garden into a stylish escape. Dive into these trends, let your creativity flow, and watch your garden turn into the ultimate hangout spot in the stunning landscapes of Ireland.